Welcoming and loving Comminges

Meet the men and women who make the Pyrenean foothills

notre Comminges Occitanie paysage nature campagne

With their huge heart, these persons want to share their passion with you and simply involve you in their daily life.


Un camping de famille pôur les familles

Owner of the campsite since 40 years, Edith knows everything about the history of Le Moulin and the nature in its surroundings.

Every week in summer, she shares her secrets with you: from the tit to the wild orchids, from the imperial villa under the campsite to the battle against the Moors, from the centenary plane tree to the mill of the 17th century, you will know everything about our extraordinary campsite.

The best thing about it ? Edith shares her knowledge for free and always with passion.


Robert is the typical Pyrenean that will make you live the intensity of the mountains.

Every week in summer, we carpool to discover the treasures of the Pyrenees.

Don’t forget to bring water and a picnic because mountains make you hungry, and even though Robert’s stories are interesting, they will not satisfy your appetite!

Every excursion is different: with your family, 3000m high or even in a bivouac, it will be for sure an unforgettable experience!

As a professional guide, Robert is asking for a little participation fee.

Randonnée dans les Pyrénées avec Robert


Découvrez la région de Coeur de Garonne avec Roger

Roger has been our neighbour since more than 70 years! He is always happy to share his knowledge about the history of the village and its surroundings.

You might run into him on the campsite during your stay so don’t hesitate to question him… He will love sharing with you!

Christian's and Michel's farm

Own by the family since several generations, this modern farm kept its original values of a traditional farming, in the open-air and with a real passion for the animals.

Just next to the campsite, somewhere in the field, you will probably see calves with their mother, milk cows (does a bowl of fresh milk in the morning sounds good to you?) or pigs next to the barn.

Agriculture en Haute-Garonne

Bertrand, local winegrower

Dégustation de vin près du camping Le Moulin

In 2005, Bertrand took over his family farm with the intention to produce a wine of quality and protect the nature.

Today, he is trying to have a more traditional type of culture and is leaning towards an organic farm and natural wines.

Obviously, you will try and taste these amazing wines at our campsite or during a tour of its winery (only 15 minutes away).

Gilles, fishing enthusiast

Since he was a child, Gilles is passionate about fishing. He will take you to peaceful places with water full of fishes. With him, you will learn all the tricks of angling and discover the hidden life of the local lakes and rivers. As a professional guide, Gilles asks for a little participation fee.

Gilles Fuzeret, spécialiste de la pêche

 Martres-Tolosane residents

Rencontre avec les habitants du Comminges

Every year at the end of August, Aurélie and Cécile from the Tourist Office organize a banquet at the campsite where all the village inhabitants are welcome.

With everyone gathered, we get to know each other and share a lot more than just a meal.

Earthenware: discover Martres-Tolosane's craft speciality

Enter the little pottery workshops of Martres Tolosane to discover how the local craftspeople work the clay and decorate their earthenware.

Here, everything is handmade: you can admire this local craft that exists since the 17th century and even bring home the ones you like the most.

Picture taken by Nicolas Bernié, photographer from Martres Tolosane, artistic city.


Year-round, on holiday or on weekend, you can experience an accommodation or a pitch in a high quality 4 stars campsite near to Toulouse.

Within a green setting, make the most of the nature while enjoying the location, close to Toulouse and all of its culture, artistic and tourist attractions.