At the Sites & Paysages le Moulin campsite,

You will have the opportunity to discover the flora of the campsite.

Learn the mysteries and secrets of our trees, some of which date back to the 17th century.

Our natural and preserved environment is classified as a Natura 2000 zone.

This participatory approach commits us to a balanced and sustainable management of the area and to taking into account the challenges of biodiversity in our activities.


Since the earth belongs to everyone,

animals also have their place on the campsite and are an integral part of our environment.

Who hasn’t dreamt of living in a campsite all year round, surrounded by green spaces and sunshine?

This is the peaceful life of our friends at the mini-farm. You will discover our goats, billy goats, sheep, ducks, ganders and chickens living in harmony.

Come and learn how they live, what they eat and maybe you can even stroke them…

A soothing setting,

We are a bird conservation area and a refuge for the LPO, the French bird protection league.

More than 70 species of birds have already been observed at the campsite.

The soothing setting of the campsite and our respect for their environment contribute to their well-being. It is fascinating to watch and listen to them.


At the campsite,

You will also have the opportunity to meet small wild animals such as ants, flies, spiders…

These small animals are our friends, that’s why we refuse to use chemical products against them.

We are borrowing the place from nature, let’s respect it.

Campsite Toulouse Le Moulin Sites et Paysages – F31220 Martres Tolosane – France – Occitanie – Haute Garonne +33 (0)