The lower parts of the campsite are potentially floodable in reference to the millennial flood.

Even if since 1978, the year the campsite was set up, no pitch has ever been underwater, here are the precautions to take in the event of such a cataclysm.

In case of imminent risk, the campsite management will notify you the evacuation decision.

In such circumstances, keep calm and strictly follow the following instructions:

  • 1. Turn off the gas outside and turn off the power and close the doors
  • 2. Reach the heights or the entrance of the campsite as quickly as possible
  • 3. Only bring your identity papers, your money and your most precious items
  • 4. Leave your vehicle and camping equipment on site
  • 5. Do not shelter in caravans (in case of heavy flooding or storms, they can be carried away)
  • 6. Don’t go back on your steps

Consultez dès maintenant le plan d’évacuation du terrain ci-dessous, mais aussi à l’accueil et aux sanitaires.

Repérez à l’avance votre itinéraire de repli jusqu’à la zone de regroupement, située à l’entrée du camping.

Les itinéraires d’évacuation sont symbolisés par ces panneaux :

Inondation GB
Inondation GB

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