45mn from the campsite… Toulouse.

Toulouse, capital of the new Region Occitanie Midi-Pyrénées Méditerranée

Canal du Midi

Toulouse, the « pink city », dotted with many monuments, witness to its rich past: the Place du Capitole, the St Sernin Basilica, the Jacobin convent, its charming old bridges overlooking the Garonne and its very famous Canal du Midi,…

Toulouse and Garonne

Toulouse, the quays of the Garonne, its museums, its churches, the roofs and its pink bricks,…

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Toulouse and aeronautics

Toulouse, the european plane industry and aerospace main spot.

Toulouse and its history

Toulouse, the ancient “Tolosa” founded by the Romans, who built under the camping the largest Gallo-Roman villa for their Emperor of the IVth Century.

Toulouse cultural city

Toulouse, finally summed up in the song immortalized by Claude Nougaro, the local poet….